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How sacred can each moment be?

dare to awaken your desire, uncover your wholeness and live your dreams

How good do you want it to get?

You are not broken. 
You are whole. 

What is disguising your wholeness?


....dream with me

....remember with me

....find safety with me

....release with me

....uncover + heal with me

Tell me what you see, know, desire, feel - be it crazy, unimaginable, scary or "wrong".

Bring your deepest desires, your most painful wounds, your wildest ideas, your hunches and feelings. 

Shock me with your realness and rawness.

                                **I won't be shocked -- I live for this **


Heart-led Healing

Heart-led healing takes a different approach from traditional talk therapy. The goal is to drop from head (thinking mind) to heart and allow the heart to guide the journey and dictate the script. Heart-led healing looks at the whole person - body, mind, soul, spirit and emotion - to find the most direct path forward. 

Image by Claudia Garcia

You already are the women you desire to be
- she is here now -
All she needs is your quality attention and unconditional love.

Heart Work Love

"I cried tears of relief and remembrance, tears or absolute joy and love and tears of grief - reunion grief - all the pain and worry I carried for the fear that I would never make it here in my life... and how I'm here...and it's better than I could have ever imagined and it's just getting started"

-- B.P. -- 

Remember, wholeness lives in your heart.
It speaks to you of freedom, of truth and reminds you of your wild nature.

1:1 Coaching + Healing Container

In our 4 weeks together we will....

  • Gain Clarity - Discover what's alive in you right now and what's holding you back from living into wholeness

  • Heal and Open - Clear stuck and stagnant energy + emotions around the heart and in the body

  • Embody - Employ embodiment practices to release trauma and conditioning in the body

  • Explore Possibilities - Romance the mind - inviting it to be in service to the heart

  • Create Consistency - Build new supportive practices and rituals. Utilize breath work, energy medicine, journaling prompts, embodiment practices and awareness methods to use in times of need. 

Feeling ready? 
I'm here to hold space for you.

Let me help you reclaim your wholeness.

4 -- 90 minute sessions  $1111

About Me, your guide

I have been doing this work for so long. Bits and pieces have come to me through friends, healers, therapists, books, podcasts, google searches, classes.....

and along the way I've gotten closer and closer to my heart and learning how to listen. Through practice, dedication, grief, giving up, starting anew, processing with soul friends, trying, failing, seeking help -- I have finally found a footing in this place of the heart - My practice is informed by my training in The HeartMath Method, The Emotion Code and The Integrated Feminine Wholeness Method. 


I'm Katy

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