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Cosmic Profile

Sun | Gemini

Moon| Sagittarius

Rising | Aquarius

HD | 2/4 MG

A little about me....

My name is Katy. I am a student of life. I love simple, quiet days spent in nature and long chats with soul friends. I live in Southeast Arizona with my partner and 2 children. We steward 80 acres of wild land and live an off grid lifestyle. We grow a good bit of our food, raise chickens and milking goats and follow permaculture principles. I work closely with my horse partners and respect them as healers in themselves. 

After working in the apparel and design industry for 10+ years, I was burnt out and felt empty. Was this life?

I decided to lean into the possibility of something new. I was looking for a slower life with meaning stitched into each moment. Ultimately, I was hungry for work that felt purposeful and connected. I began my own self healing journey, walking a path that was new to me but that has been walked by so many before me. 

I'm a curious soul and have devoted the past 10 years of my life to learning about the many paths toward wholeness. I found, that the secret is, we've always been whole, but we pick up and carry beliefs in our bodies and subconscious minds that tell us otherwise. My inquiry is, how can we release the weight? How can we remember our wholeness?

I can't say that I've got it all figured out yet, but these questions have opened up ideas and paths that I have been eager to explore. 

I am trained in the Heartmath method and facilitate heart centered healing through awareness, embodiment and deep connection to the earth. 

My goal each day is to pursue the good in myself and the world with honesty while staying grounded in the truth of my body and experience.

I'm always looking for fellow seekers to share the journey.

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