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Image by Klara Kulikova

"The way is not in the sky.

The way is in the heart"


What is
Heart Work?

Heart Work is when we finally say NO to the reaching, the searching, the suffering and say YES to the quiet inner work of listening to our hearts.
We physically retrain our systems to sync up with the rhythmic beating of the heart. We begin to operate from a deeper space, from our center, and the mind falls into its proper place as our loyal assistant. 

When we begin to listen to our hearts
 we discover that we don't need to
do more, fix ourselves or
change our circumstance --
we need only to
pause, breathe and connect
to the voice of truth speaking within.

It's always been there, maybe 
it's time we begin to listen.

In this experience we will...

  • Clear stuck and stagnant energy + emotions around the heart

  • Begin to learn what the voice of the heart sounds like and how to listen

  • Explore the energy of emotions - regenerative  vs depleting and how they affect the body and our lives

  • Learn how your heart communicates with your body and brain and how to activate coherence between all three

  • Rituals to ground you in your practice of living heart centered

  • Plant support for your heart 

  • 4 -  90 minute 1:1 sessions

  • Recorded meditations 

What is your truth? 

As humans living this experience on earth, we are on a quest. Our quest is to fully embrace our true nature -- and this quest leads us on sacred inner journey toward being a fully integrated, balanced and whole human being. 

The inner quest is not one that has a map or guide -- it is not linear and it rarely receives validation from the outside world. 

Our true nature lies in our hearts -- so this is where we journey -- to the heart to discover our inner truth.

Inner Truth = Outer Clarity



"If you bring forth what is within you,

what is within you will save you"

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

Why Heart Work?

So many of us feel :

  • Stuck and stagnant

  • Powerless to our situations

  • Lost in the busy cycle that is our lives

  • Like we are always reaching outside of ourselves to find answers and validation

  • Void of creativity or inspiration

  • Unable to give and/or receive authentic love and intimacy

  • Like something is missing and that there is more to this life

  • Trapped in the mundane


We struggle to: 

  • Find grounding or feel alive in our bodies

  • Make our dreams a reality

  • Navigate big emotions

  • Find purpose

  • Maintain self care

  • Slow down and enjoy our lives and our people

  • See ourselves clearly without judgement

  • Love ourselves fully and unconditionally


How would it feel to:

  • Manage big emotions in a healthy way

  • Use emotions as clues to what your heart is saying

  • Connect openly with your partner and your loved ones

  • Take action based on your own knowing

  • Love and care for yourself without shame or judgement

  • Go to sleep at night feeling fulfilled

  • Be grounded in your body and move through anxiety and stress with ease

  • Connect fully into Divine inspiration and creativity

  • Return to your true nature, L O V E


Image by ᴇᴍɪ

There is nothing more powerful than a woman who has met the truth of her heart inside of her

Heart Work Love

"There is a beauty that has appeared in my daily life that wasn't there before. My heart is beginning to show me that there is another way -- I can show up to my emotions (even the hard ones) with tools that help me work through tough stuff instead of ignore it. This heart work is blossoming into a new way of life."

-- J.L. -- 

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