There are a million ways to up level your brand  by including compelling visuals. The right visuals can help you connect to your audience in a deep way. I want to help you do this mindfully and with integrity, holding tight to your vision and mission.

Tired of feeling "all over the place" with your branding?

Done feeling like you're doing this all alone?

I've got you - let's figure it out together.


the process


It all starts with your I D E A S !

You and I connect on a call where you

introduce me to your business, your struggles and your dreams.

I get really excited and we talk about how to bring your idea to life

V I S U A L L Y.

After our call I put these ideas together in an easy to follow format

along with a price quote.



We work together to create a plan - in person or over a few friendly zoom calls - to bring your vision to life!

When you have more ideas (you will!)

we talk some more about how to best implement them and I help you do just that.

When you need a creative partner to brainstorm with, I'm here to help


Feeling ready?

I'm here to hold space for you.

Let's talk about how we can best work together!

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i d e a s 

Visual Support for Monthly Subscription Service

Beth combines her intuitive gifts as a seer and healer with powerful transformational tools. She guides you through unblocking your sh*t and rediscovering what your soul is here to do.

Beth has a background in design (that's how we met) and has also grown a beautiful healing business. This means she has an amazing eye for design but doesn't always have time for it!

In 2020, Beth had an idea to create a monthly offering for her community called The Alignment. She would provide a monthly theme, along with an astro-cast and healing practices. She needed artwork that could be saved as a phone background and desktop image as a reminder of the monthly message.

We've since created beautiful visuals to support her monthly subscription service. Here are a few of my favorites!

January Artwork .png
you are not powerless.png

Tee Shirt Design for a Cause

Kari from @livinglifesmoments had an idea that was sparked by her daughter's love of art. She decided to create Fable, a kids brand that empowers little artist to dream big.


Kari has 4 little girls at home and another business to run! She needed some support, both in transforming kid's artwork into graphics for 

tee shirts and  creating mindful in house designed collections.

I've worked with Kari since late 2019 to illustrate her ideas and bring Fable to life visually.  We also worked together to create aligned branding in everything from a logo to t-shirt tags.


The product is now sold straight to customer + wholesale.

S O  C U T E ! 

Fable-artwork design.png
Fable-peace tee.png

Find Fable here: